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  • ZACD Youths aims to take you higher and bring you further! We believe that youths have what it takes to lead and take charge of vital matters. We want to empower youths by giving you the opportunity to take on purposeful roles in a dynamic environment. You will be able to gain valuable experience and make a meaningful difference! Get ready to think out-of-the-box as we challenge norms in order to be at the forefront of the industry!

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  • An integrated asset management company specialising in real estate, ZACD aims to be one of the leading real estate companies in the Asia Pacific region. ZACD has a steadily growing track record of portfolios across various property sectors both locally and internationally.

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  • SLP is Singapore’s leading industrial property consultant and is growing its business in other property sectors and markets in the region. SLP presently has offices in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia, and is ranked among the top 10 real estate agencies in Singapore.

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Our Programmes


Which relates best with you?

Which relates best with you?

Which relates best with you?

Which relates best with you?

Which relates best with you?

ZACD Programmes - Which Programme Should You Choose?
Youth Executive Program
Management Associate Program
  • Internship

    Looking for an exciting internship with a company like no other? ZACD will get you ahead of your peers, and take you further, with many opportunities for you to spearhead projects and travel overseas.


  • Youth Executive Programme

    Following an internship with us, outstanding interns will be offered the opportunity to continue in our Youth Executive Programme, where you will be groomed for future leadership with greater responsibilities and unique opportunities!



  • Management Associate Programme (MAP)

    Looking to gain exposure in the real estate industry and hone your leadership skills? Look no further as our MAP is tailored to groom fresh graduates for management positions with us !




How would you best describe yourself?

What makes you feel accomplished?

What skills would you want to learn and hone in a Company?

What are you passionate at work?

Which would you rather use in a work setting?

ZACD Youths - Which Department Is For You?
Investment & Asset Management
Acquisitions & Projects Management
Property & Facilities Management
Financial Services
Chairman Office
Human Resource
Legal & Compliance
Business Support (SLP)
Real Estate Consultancy (Asst. Manager)

  • Global

    Do you find yourself searching for the hottest residential area in town?

    Always looking forward to the next high and low of property market prices? This is the best platform for your to satisfy your curiosity in the residential property market.

  • Global

    We love to interact with people and are not bounded to our desks. We are in a relentless pursuit of learning experiences to broaden our knowledge.

    Join us for sales and marketing of commercial and industrial projects to identify new business opportunities.

  • Capital

    Are you passionate about real estate on an international scale? If you are, come join us!

    Capital Markets is all about keeping up with the ever-changing real estate market on a global scale, handling assets from all industries across the globe and reaching out to potential clients and investors internationally.

  • Business

    Are you eagle-eyed and detail-oriented? Ever so curious about the onboarding process and KYC procedures?

    Join us and be personally invested in bridging the efforts of both our Front and Back end staffs. The Middle Office offers a well rounded perspective of various investment cycles from start to end!

  • POSH

    “It is all in the details.” The beauty of being detail-oriented will never dull with site visits and inspections.

    There are endless opportunities that ranges from property management, leasing management, to defects and technical management!

  • Project

    Want to turn potential developments into attractive investment opportunities?

    Join us to analyse property markets and project cash flows! Over here, we unlock the immense value in real estate through asset enhancement and redevelopment!

  • Financial

    You are looking at the right department if you love two things!

    1. Itching to bury your head in numbers and 2. Burning desire to forge interpersonal relationships between investors.

  • Chairman’s

    Like working around the big bosses? Want to have a holistic view of the company’s key operations? From the humble role of business administration to empowering tasks of supporting core business projects, it’s all culminated in one goal: To develop the leader in YOU!

  • Finance

    Numbers. Cashflow. Management. Your kind of thing? Seize the opportunity to study the accounts to learn what it takes to control and manage a firm’s finances with an ever-growing capital base. We want you, with your meticulous and financial-savvy charms!

  • Human

    The most approachable and resourceful people within the company. Join the club to place people in the right places within ZACD and creatively ideate how to better engage, empower and develop their skillsets. We hear you and act in the interest of the Company and you. Our HR team rocks!

  • IT

    At the rate the digital space is evolving, we can’t do without our Tech-savvy Senpais. Be at the forefront of business efficiency and continuity within ZACD. Find out how network infrastructure works as well as deployment and maintenance of existing web applications whilst being the hero in the office troubleshooting.

  • Marketing

    Is your specialty being able to make something out of nothing? We need you! Be it in brand awareness, graphic designs, social media or event planning, our youthful marketing community is fueled by zest for out-of-this-world creativity. Come join us!

  • Legal
    & Compliance

    Do legal matters interest you? Averse to unethical business practices? Assist the legal team to develop compliance programs, review company’s policies and advise management on possible risks. Here at legal and compliance, we keep ZACD and our stakeholders safe.

  • Business Support (SLP)

    Fancy the hustle and bustle in an ever-evolving space? At Business Support, we’re always on the move to explore new opportunities whilst actively thinking how to better infiltrate into new marketing channels. Your interpersonal skills will be highly utilitsed as you engage with key stakeholders of the company.

  • Real Estate Consultancy (Asst Manager)

    Leads. Leads. Leads. It’s all about the leads. Identify. Gather. Convert. Befriend -- Seal the deal! If you have a knack for speaking and negotiating, you’ve won half the battle! We welcome you to embark on this fulfilling journey of serving our clients and hitting sales targets with us. Let the sales begin!

  • Shereen Ng

    SLP Global Homes
    Intern (2017)
    Junior Executive (2017-2018)

    At the start of my internship, I did not have high expectations. However, the past 9 weeks has truly been an eye-opener. What really surprised me was how much the company valued our opinions and input, even though we had little working experience.


    Our supervisors placed a lot of emphasis on creating learning opportunities for us and not just tasking us with mundane daily operations and administrative tasks. We also had many opportunities to take charge on various projects and initiatives and what I really liked about the working environment was the autonomy we were afforded along with the guidance and support of our supervisors.

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Application Process

Interested applicants should note the application procedure and documents required for each of the programme. They should also state clearly in their CV which programme(s) and departments that they are applying for.

Contact Details

2 Bukit Merah Central #22-00
Singapore 159835

: +65 6500 1120

: youth.ventures@zacdgroup.com